We are the world’s leading manufacturer of proprietary and open-line commercial textiles, including panel fabric, upholstery, wall covering, cubicle curtains and more. Whatever the industry, whatever the application, our exceptional fabrics help your products look better and work harder. Sample Center

As a vertical mill, we provide reliable service
at every step, from extruding our own yarns to finishing our own fabrics in-house. We have
the know-how to produce textiles with the exact attributes you need for your manufacturing process. That includes acrylic back coatings, fabric stabilizers, and other treatments.

Our Teknit process basically reinvented knitting. And you can count on our distribution services
for fast, just-in-time delivery.
We are headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with multiple manufacturing facilities
in the U.S. We offer a wide range of textile products and value-added services that make things look better and work harder. Sustainability is an integral part of our business. Our triple bottom line approach balances economic, environmental, and social equity concerns.
This contributes to the betterment of
our company, our environment, and our communities.
Teknit is our unique knitting process that
produces dimensional form fitting fabric covers and suspension parts that improve the ergonomics, comfort and design of a chair.
Teknit is available in both custom engineered parts and open-line flat pieces.

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