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Who we are

Trustworthy, dependable, innovative—Duvaltex (formerly True Textiles) is all of these things. Over our many years in the textile business, we've earned an industry-wide reputation as a versatile and reliable supplier of quality contract fabrics. Working closely with you, we draw upon our unique skills and expertise to create durable tailored textiles solutions that are on-trend yet timeless.


A partner that listens

At Duvaltex, we believe in genuine collaboration. And that starts with listening. We approach every job with an open mind and truly value the input and perspectives of everyone who contributes to developing new products and solutions. We love to explore new avenues and experiment with new product designs. So bring us your ideas.


A look back


The Guilford Woolen Company opens its doors on the south side of the Piscataquis River in Guilford, Maine, producing fabrics for the apparel industry.


The Chatham Manufacturing Company establishes a mill in Elkin, North Carolina. One of the oldest textile mills in the south, it initially specializes in woolen blankets and other woolen goods.


Chatham becomes the largest blanket manufacturer in the South, and at one time, were one of the largest blanket manufacturers in the world making literally millions of blankets during World War I and World War II.


The Chatham mill branches out beyond blankets to start producing upholstery for the automotive industry.


Chatham expands to include furniture fabrics.


Fabric panel systems become popular in offices, and the newly developed flame retardant process makes True Textiles an instant industry leader.


The True Design Studio is established in New York, NY.


Duvaltex acquires True Textiles.



Duvaltex has been an environmental sustainability pioneer since long before it became popular in corporate circles. When we started introducing sustainability measures, it wasn't because we thought they would be good for marketing, or because our competitors were doing it. It was because we felt it was the right thing to do. And we still feel that way today.